Adding a Twitter, Google+ and Facebook Feed/Stream (without Plugins)

Question 1:

How can I show my latest Twitter feeds or someone else’s Twitter feed in my sidebar or website?


Answer 1:

1) Go to

2) Customize your Twitter Widget appearance. Don’t forget to test your code.

Twitter feed in WordPress Sidebar

3) Drag an empty Text Widget into your sidebar and paste the code or toggle your WordPress page or post editor into html mode and paste the code.

Paste Twitter Feed Code into WordPress



Question 2:

How can I add a Facebook Like feed?


Answer 2:

1) Drag an empty Text Widget into your sidebar (or toggle your WordPress page editor into html mode) and paste the code below into it.

(Note: use the “Copy Plain Code” icon that will pop up – do not accidentally copy the line numbers)

2) Get your WordPress Page Id and replace the ID place holder in the code.

How to get FB page id

Facebook Page ID

3) Save your Widget or Page/Post and view your site. You can adjust the height and width of the box in the code above.

Facebook Like Sidebar Widget



Question 3:

How can I add a Google+ 1 Badge?


Answer 3:


Don’t get caught without one! Make it easy for Website visitor to “+1” your Business by adding a badge to your website.

1) Go here to create your badge:

2) Log into WordPress and paste the first part of the generated code into your header or if you are using the SmallBiz Theme simply paste it into your Google Analytics box in the SmallBiz Options Panel. Make sure you are not overwriting your Analytics Code. Paste the Google+ code above or below your Analytics code


3) Paste the second part of the code into a page, post or “Text” Widget for your sidebar.




Question 4:

How can I link to my Social Media Profiles?


Answer 4:

1) Log into WordPress
2) Go to “Appearance” -> “Widgets”
3) Look for the “SmallBiz Social Media Icons” widget and drag it into one or all of your sidebar areas.

4) Expand the Social Media Widget and add your own Profile URL’s

Simple leave URL fields blank if you want to exclude one or more of the icons.

social media widget smallbiz theme