Combining the 3 Feature Boxes into 1 Box


Is it possible that instead of the three footer boxes there is one large box for an 860pixel wide image?



1) Create your image that is 860px wide in Photoshop or any other image application of choice.

2) Upload the image in WordPress via “Media” -> “Add New”

3) Copy the Image URL generated by WordPress

4) Click on “Appearance” – > “Widgets”

5) Drag a “Text” Widget into your “Footer Left” Widget area.

6) Add html to display your image.

7) Drag a Text widget into “Footer Middle” and leave it empty.

8) Drag a Text widget into “Footer Right” and leave it empty.

Note: If you don’t do step 7 & 8 you will still have your standard Feature box text and links displayed on your website for the middle and right.

one big feature box