Creating a New Layout


I would like to create a layout that is different from the “pre-build” aka “default” layouts that the SmallBiz Theme comes with.



Option 1) Choose from a Page Template (for internal Pages)

Log into WordPress and create a new Page (Pages -> Add New)

Select a template from the dropdown in the right sidebar:

page templates wordpress drop down


Option 2) Create a custom Home Page Layout.

This option allows for easy inclusion of Third-Party plugins such as slide shows, Opt In forms etc. When creating the new page you can choose from several Page Templates available (such as No Sidebar, No Menu, Page with Comments etc) see screenshot above.

Follow the instructions here on how to create and set your own page as homepage.


Option 3) Using WordPress HTML Mode to create Layouts for unique Internal and/or Homepage.

WordPress offer you the option to upload and position videos and images.

In addition you can toggle the Page Editor into “HTML” mode. Now you are free to add “div” tags to create columns, boxes and other effects. Keep in mind that WordPress is CSS based – don’t use old fashioned HTML tables – those days are long over. If you are new to css visit W3Schools [external resource link]. You can use inline styles or go to “Appearance” -> “Editor” and add your own css into the style.css file that will load by default. Once in html mode it is not recommended to switch back to visual mode as WordPress will strip part of your code.

html mode in WordPress


Option 4) Create a new Page Template for WordPress (advanced)

The SmallBiz Theme is 100% compatible with WordPress Page Templates – there are no limits on the amount of page templates.

This option allows you to create a selectable page template that will show in the drop-down – see screenshot in “Option 1” above .

Page Template creation is part of WordPress an not part of any Theme.
Please refer to the Official WordPress Codex on how to create your own WordPress page Template.


Q: Can I use a Homepage layout for my internal pages?
A: Unfortunately it is not possible. However, you can create your own page template to achieve any look you want -see Option 3.