E-commerce Plugin and SmallBiz Theme

Question 1:

Does the SmallBiz Theme have ecommerce or an online store build in?
Can I use an ecommerce plugin with the SmallBiz Theme?


Answer 2:

Every store and business owner has slightly different online store front and ecommerce needs.

Rather then trying to build a “one-fits-all” store into the SmallBiz theme we designed the SmallBiz Theme to be compatible with all third party WordPress ecommerce plugins.


We recommend Cashie Ecommerce:

Ecommerce Plugin Download

Once you’re ready to start processing real transactions, upgrade to a production account and link Cashie Commerce to your PayPal account. It’s totally risk free since you don’t pay anything until you start making money.

Step 1) Download the plugin here.

Step 2) In WordPress go to Plugins -> Add New -> Choose “Upload”

Step 3) Activate the plugin and Build Your Store.


Introduction on how to use Cashie Ecommerce


Please contact the plugin publisher for questions about their product, fees and support. Building and customizing the layout and appearance of your product is handled by the plugin. The plugin publisher will have resources for you. Please note that building ecommerce sites often requires advanced css and html skills even when using a plugin.




Question 2:

Can you add PayPal buttons directly into WordPress without an Ecommerce Plugin?


Answer 2:

Yes you can paste a PayPal generated “Buy Button” directly into WordPress Pages and Posts. Important: You must change into “Text” (aka “HTML”) mode before pasting the Paypal code.

Please contact Paypal tech support on how to create and obtain a Paypal Buy Button code.

See here: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_pdn_xclick_techview_outside

Pro Tip for advanced WordPress Users: You can add a Paypal Buy Button code into the “Image Caption” field if you would like a Buy Button to show in your image caption text box. WordPress Caption was not really intended to do this but it works. Proceed at your own risk. The form will add additional padding to your caption box, which may not suit your design needs. For best display results use an Ecommerce Plugin as mentioned in Q/A #1 above.