Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools

The Smallbiz Theme Options Panel has dedicated fields where you can enter your Google Webmaster and Google Analytics code.

Simply copy and paste your code and forget about it.
The SmallBiz Theme will make sure that the code gets inserted on any existing and future blog post or WordPress page.

SmallBiz Webmaster & Analytics

1) Make sure “Privacy Settings” are not on (Settings -> Privacy) otherwise your site will not validate.
2) Make sure you paste the “entire” Analytics Javascript snippet (not only the ID) and the entire Webmaster Meta tag.


Getting the Correct Verification Method Code

By default Google Webmaster may offer you to verify using an html file that needs to be uploaded to your hosting server via a Filemanager or FTP Client. You need to select the “Alternative Method” to use the much easier MetaTag code that can be pasted in the SmallBiz Options Panel.


Alternative Website Ownership verification for Google Webmaster

Google has added a third and easier verification method now. If you already have Google Analytics installed on your site, Google Webmaster Tools can use it to verify your site – no need for meta tags or file uploads/



What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics will tell you what pages get the most traffic, where vistors come from, how they find you, what keywords they used, yes it even tells you what operating system they use.

All you need is a Gmail account which you can get during the Analytics Sign-up here. Google Analytics will give you a code snippet to put into your website. All you need to do is add the code snippet into the according box at the bottom of the Smallbiz Options panel and you are done. Our theme will make sure that the code is applied to existing and future pages and posts.


What is Google Webmaster Tools?

Google Webmaster Tools is one of the most powerful free toolkits at your disposal for making sure Google can crawl your website properly.

# Make sure to check your WordPress Privacy Settings are off.

# Want to learn more – Check out this article and video by Don