How to write the “Perfect Blogpost”

Do you have multiple articles or blog posts?

Are you using the more tag?

Is your text right next to the images without any space or margins?

Is your article/post and image ranking in search engines?

Then this tutorial is for you!


This is what the end result will look similar to this:

SmallBiz Theme How to write the perfect blog post


Step 1) Log into your WordPress Dashboard and Select “Add New” in the Posts Menu.

Small Business WordPress Theme Posts add new

Step 2) Click on the “Kitchensink” icon to reveal all WordPress editor options.

Reveal kitchensink icon in wordpress

Step 3) Type your article using the editor or (if you must) import your article from Word (see screenshot below). Do not paste directly from Word into WordPress!

How to Paste from Word into WordPress

Step 4) Assign <h3> tags to your sub-titles. The SmallBiz Theme already assigned an <h1> tag for your business name in the header and an <h2> tag for your business tag line and for the page title. See screenhot below:

Step 5) Bold your keywords to make them stand out. See screenshot below:

Step 6) Link within your website. It will help visitors and Google to explore your website. Highlight the text part or words you want to link. The click the the “Chainlink” icon in the Kitchensink and add your URL you want to link to.

Step 7) Add an image to the very top of your post/article. Keep in mind that we will create a nice excerpt of this post later on – which means don’t choose an image that is too large. 100px by 100px is a good size. Choose “Align Left” and insert the image.

Step 8) After you insert the image – clcik on it again and fill out the alt and title tag to get your image indexed by search engines. If you forgot to align your image left you can also do in this screen. See screenshot below:

SmallBiz Theme Adding Images into WordPress Post or page

8.1) Click the “Advanced Settings” tab to add margins etc. The SmallBiz Theme applies margins and a border around your image. This is not visible within the Editor – you need to Preview the post to see it.

Step 9) Nothing worse than scrolling through several full page length blog posts that are all piled on top of each other. You may loose readers quicker than you can attract them. Use the <more> tag to create a nice “Read More” excerpt link. See screenhot:

Step 10) Don’t forget – all Expand2Web WordPress Themes come with build in SEO fields. Make sure to include your keyword and business name and location into the title. The Descrioption field is your chance to “sell ” the click. Keywords are still used by some search engines. See screenshot:

Step 11) Repeat Step 1-10 for all your other posts or articles and your page will look like this too!

SmallBiz Theme How to write the perfect blog post