Introduction to the WordPress Menu Builder


I would like to Omit Pages and have Submenus.



1) Log into WordPress

2) Go to “Appearance” -> “Menus”

3) Create your Menu

4) Important: You need to set your main menu as primary menu. Don’t forget!

WordPress menu Builder Smallbiz Theme


Here are some of the Options available to you when using the WordPress Menu Builder:

* Omit pages from your navigation menu

* Add Sub-menu items

* Reorder your navigation menu items

* Use custom labels for your nav menu items

* Add custom links to any page (even off of your website)

* Create pages based on categories


Introduction Video showing the WordPress Menu Builder:



Creating Subpages and a Submenu:

Simply slide your page tabs to the right (see screenhot below)


Changing the Navigation Label:

You can change the name (label) under what you you want your page to show up as in the Menu

nav label