Music and MP3’s – How to add it to my page(s)


I would like to have a song play on my website.



Step 1) Getting your song onto the web:

1) You need your song as ‘MP3’ file.

2) Log into WordPress

3) Go to “Media” -> “Add Media” and upload your song.

4) Copy the song URL generated by WordPress

5) Type the URL into a webbrowser – you should get a “player” and the song should play after clicking the play button.


Step 2) Presentation and Presets:

1) Decide if you want the song to play on all your pages or only a certain page.

2) Do you want the Song to “Autoplay” or not

3) How many controls (aka console) do you want to display (Play-Pause-Volume-Skip etc)

4) Should your song repeat or not


Step 3) Adding the Player code to your page(s):

Here is the actual embed code that goes into your page – make sure you toggle the editor into HTML mode first.


The example below will autoplay, repeat and will display a small play/pause icon:

<embed src=”” width=18 height=18 autostart=true repeat=true loop=true> </embed>


This example will not autoplay, or repeat and will display volume controls in addidtion to pause/play:

<embed src=”” width=”140″ height=”40″ autostart=”false” loop=”FALSE”> </embed>