Pasting Text from MS Word into WordPress


I am pasting my text from Microsoft Word into WordPress and the formatting and fonts look all wrong.



Regardless of what WordPress theme you are using it is strongly recommended not to paste from MS Word into WordPress.

MS Word adds hidden formatting to your text that is not web-browsers compatible! See screenshot below:

Wordpress Word code


Use one of the following Options below:
Note: you will need to upload all your images independently as they cannot be pasted :


Option 1: Using the “Import from Word” icon in your WordPress editor.

1) Within the WordPress Page or Post Editor click on the “Kitchensink” Icon

Kitchensink WP

2) A new row with additional formatting options will appear. Click the “Paste from Word” icon.


Option 2: Paste from Word into Notepad first

1) Paste your text from Microsoft Word into Microsoft Notepad. Mac users paste from Microsoft Word into Text Edit.
This will remove all non-web-save formatting.

2) Paste from Notepad or Text Edit into WordPress and format your text using the WordPress editor.


Option 3: Use “New Blog Post” feature in MS Word 2007 and up

1) Click “New” from the Office icon in the upper left corner.

2) Instead of choosing Blank Document, choose New Blog Post.

ms blog

3) Next you’ll be asked to register your blog so input your WordPress blog information as prompted.



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