Plugins on Pre-Build layouts and outside of the WP Loop



I have a plugin that gives me a shortcode to be inserted into my WordPress page or post.
How can I get the shortcode to work on the SmallBiz Homepage layouts?



1) Get the plugin shortcode from your plugin admin or settings page.
2) Toggle the Text Box Editor into HTML mode and paste your shortcode.

wordpress plugin shortcode


Problem: What if my plugin does not use or offer shortcodes?

Please get in touch with your plugin publishers support
and ask how to include the plugin function outside of what is called the “WordPress Loop”.

Not many plugin publishers support their product and you might be left with no support or help for your “must have” plugin. In this case you could consider to search for another plugin that may offer the same features but uses more sophisticated code or you could set a regular WordPress page as your Homepage. Here is the UserGuide post on how to.