SEO Features in the SmallBiz Theme

Local SEO features are built into the SmallBiz WordPress Theme to provide a solid foundation for great local search results.

Watch the video for a short tour:

We have worked with hundreds of small businesses to help them build a successful web presence, and designed this theme based on my experience working with them. We’re continuing to add more and more out-of-the-box SEO features in each new version.

SEO Features

Here are a few of the SEO features built-in to the latest version of the SmallBiz theme:

  • Business Name, Address and Phone Number (NAP) on each page
  • Customize HTML Title tag, Meta Description and Meta Keywords for each page or post
  • hCard Microformats built-in.
  • Areas served for nearby cities and neighborhoods (in footer)
  • ALT image text
  • Map and directions page, with driving directions

With the addition of the SEO Details panel in SmallBiz v1.6, now you can SEO your WordPress website without installing any additional plugins!

SEO Details and Screen Shots

SmallBiz WordPress Theme SEO screen shot

This screenshot of the home page outlines some of the visible features, including the business name, address and phone number in the header, ALT text for images, H2 header tags for titles, and areas served text in the footer.

SmallBiz WordPress Theme - SEO Details Panel

The SEO Details panel is automatically added to the editing screen for every WordPress Post and Page. You can override your HTML Title, Meta Description and Meta Keywords on a page-by-page basis, or take the defaults!

SmallBiz WordPress Theme business address block

Your Business Address, Name and Phone Number (NAP) is the primary “key” that Google uses to identify that your website is related to your business listing. They are automatically displayed on every page, and easily updated in the SmallBiz Options panel.

SmallBiz WordPress Theme automatically embeds hcard Microformats

Your business information is also encoded as hCard microformat and embedded in your web pages. Google and Yahoo are already crawling and looking for this information and it’s a best practice now to have it embedded on your pages.