Setting Your own Home Page


What are the steps to set my own WordPress Page as Home page



Important: Before you get Started

1) Under no circumstances delete, change or create a new “Home” page found under your pages listing!


2) Do not create a second Page called “Home” – see Step 1 below.




Step 1 – Creating your new Page

1) Log into WordPress
2) Create a new Page (Pages -> Add New)
3) Name your page “Welcome” (do not name it “Home”)
4) Important – the page must use the “Default Page Template”. It is not possible to use the “No Sidebar” or any other page template.
5) Publish the new page.
6) Check you website – make sure the page shows up


Step 2 – Setting your new page as homepage

1) Go to “Appearance” -> “SmallBiz Options”
2) Select the ‘Welcome” page from the Custom Homepage drop-down



Optional Step 3 – If you are using the Custom Menu Builder…

1) Go to “Appearance” -> “Menus”
2) If you already have a Menu you can leave it set as using “Home” for your homepage.
3) if you are building a new Menu make sure to drag the “Home” page into your menu – do not drag the ‘Welcome’ page.

setting your custom home page SmallBiz