The Feature Boxes

Question 1:

Can I turn the Feature Boxes off – so they don’t display?

Answer 1:

Yes. Simply check the tick-box in the Smallbiz Options Panel found under “Featured Pages Boxes”


Question 2:

How can I add Widgets to the Feature Boxes

Answer 2:

You can also replace any of the 3 “Feature Boxes” in the footer with any type of WordPress Widgets you want.

1) Go to “Appearance” -> “Widgets”

2) Drag a widget to the appropriate footer column.


Question 3:

Can I add an Image to the Feature Boxes?

Answer 3:

Yes – the steps are the same as adding an image to your sidebar. [click here for tutorial]

Alternatively, using a “text widget” will give you complete control over the content. Here is an example of what you could do.