Upload, Align and Link Images



How can I upload, link and align images?

How can I edit an image that is in my post or page already?



To add an image to the SmallBiz Homepage layouts using the SmallBiz Options panel – [Click here]


To add an image to your pages or posts:

1) Click on the “Image Upload” icon within the WordPress Page or Post Editor.

image upload icon

1.1) Browse your computer for the desired image and Upload image

2) Select the Alignment (if you want text to wrap around the image or not).

2.1) Specify your image “Alt” and “Title” to rank the image in Google Search.

2.2) By default WordPress links the image to itself under “Link URL”. Clear the URL if you do not want to link the image.

2.3) Choose if you want the full size image or not.


3) Click on “Insert Into Post” to place the image into your page.


Editing an existing image in your pages or posts:

1) Click on the existing image in your page or post editor to display the “Edit or Delete” option

edit existing image

2) Click the “Advanced Settings” tab for even more formatting options as found in the initial “Upload Options” screen.

advanced image settings

2.1) Advanced Options include margins, borders, size etc.

image settings