Using the Optional Sidebar 1 and 2


Can I have a different sidebar-widget for each page? How can I use the Optional Sidebar 1& 2 listed under “Appearance” -> “Widgets”



1) Log-in to your WordPress

2) Go to “Appearance” -> “Widgets”

3) Look for “Sidebar Optional 1” and “Sidebar Optional 2” and add your widget(s) of choice


Assigning “Sidebar Optional 1″ and “Sidebar Optional 2″ to a Page

1) Log into WordPress

2) Go to “Pages” -> “Add New”

3) Look for “Sidebar-1” or “Sidebar-2” in the “Template” drop-down Menu on the right side of your editor screen.

Note: you cannot use the Optional 1 or 2 Sidebar with a pages that already uses a page template such as the “Contact”, “Blog” or “Find Us” page. These pages already have a dedicated sidebar widget area for you to use.